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Hi, I'm Manuela, and I finally decided to start writing a blog. I like flowers, cooking, and unsolved mysteries. My secret dream is to travel to the other side of the world, like my father supposedly did.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


To je neuveritelne. Niekedy staci sa len pozriet a uz je vsetko jasne. Take tabulky alebo hlava, to som len pozrela a vedela a bolo. (Ved tu hlavu aj som musela, to by bola hanba keby ja som to nevedela.) A teraz? Life uz tyzden som leniva a Preston tiez, no a z chripky mi uz usi to... ringing...
ani neviem ci tie vety spravne su Slovensky.


Blogger Scoobydooby said...

Hi, I'm very interested in this investigation too :) and I wish you good luck... please public all your achievements, I'll be glad to read them ;-)

1:21 AM  

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