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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Puzzled -- twice

After I spent two days locked up in my room, and the next few googling, I now know a bit more about the entire issue. My Slovak grandfather was apparently a practical joker. Instead of dying quietly and leaving his family to argue about his legacy, he hid it somewhere. And not only that. There seems to be a huge set of puzzles that supposedly contain clues to where all the money (or whatever it is) is hidden. You can find out more at, provided that you speak Slovak, of course. Anyone can participate and get a chance to grab all the good stuff Grandpa had hidden.

But there is one thing that is far more important than all this odd stuff. I have a new family. I know who my father is.

I'm not really sure what to do. I read each of the family blogs line by line for something like ten times. It is clear that if Abraham really is my Grandpa, then Dusan has to be my father. He is still alive, and it seems that he's doing just fine. In fact, more than that. He is married, and I have two step-siblings.

And I'm convinced that this is really the case. I haven't been able to find Dusan's picture yet, but with Lenka (my step-sister) I had the feeling as if I always knew her -- both her looks and her way of thinking. How similar are we? If I grew up in Slovakia, would I be like her?

THE question: What shall I do now? Shall I announce my existence to the entire family? Contact Dusan only? Or just let them live in peace? What would be the best solution for all of us? Is there any best solution?

I don't know. I just don't.


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