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Monday, August 07, 2006

My favourite comic series

For quite a while I've been addicted to several webcomics. First, there is Megatokyo. The story has quite diverted during the years, and it is developing at an incredibly slow pace, but somehow I can't stop reading it. If only to find out whether Piro "gets the girl" in the end.

Then there are some "professional" comic series: UserFriendly, and CtrlAltDel. Both are oriented on IT readers (well, CtrlAltDel is more a gamer comic, but still it counts), and they both make me laugh quite often. Oh yes, and I shouldn't forget to mention TheNoob, the ultimate roleplayer's webcomic. I did read some Dilbert, but it didn't really catch my heart. Hackles was close to the top of my list, too bad it's over now -- but still it's worth the read!
And from a slightly different heap, I mustn't forget to mention the Bunny Suicides. They are (sadly) not available online, but you can buy the books at Amazon... and they are worth every penny! (Some of my female friends didn't share this point of view. However, most of my co-workers did.)

Happy reading, fellow addicts! :)


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