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Hi, I'm Manuela, and I finally decided to start writing a blog. I like flowers, cooking, and unsolved mysteries. My secret dream is to travel to the other side of the world, like my father supposedly did.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dear diary...

Umm, wait... that's not a proper start of a blog. After all, a blog is not my personal diary, it is here for you, dear reader, a small window into my soul.

So the best way to start is by properly introducing myself. I'm Manuela, in a few months I will be 23 years of age. My native language is Spanish, and I'm also fluent in English and know a bit of Slovak. Strange, huh? I promise I'll get to explain this in my future posts :)

Recently I started working as a programmer for a local tech company (I prefer not to name it). Being the only woman in our department made me feel good about myself, but, you know... I think that this comic strip puts it better than I ever could. I admire Jorge for his insight ;)


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